There can be very few family trees that do not include people who died in wars. We have, in fact, been killing each other in large numbers for as long as we have existed, though most researchers are unlikely to discover relatives who succumbed in conflicts much before Napoleonic times. In my case, I have found only a handful who served in the armed forces before the First World War and none of these seem to have lost their lives. However, the appalling carnage of that war took its toll of my family as it did of so many others.

What follows is a brief homage to those in my family tree whom I have discovered died in that conflict and in the Second World War which followed. Despite its billing, the "The War to End All Wars" was not the last.


Albert Henry Anstead - died 28th March 1916.

Francis Alexander Barnes - died 4th April 1915.

Alfred Frederick Brown - died 14th March 1917.

Edward Brown - died 20th September 1917.

Ernest Thomas Brown - died 16th September 1916.

John Brown - died 31st October 1918.

George Edward Curtis - died 16th August 1917.

William John Curtis - died 1st October 1916.

Kenneth Middleton Davies - died 1st July 1916.

Granado Walter Foreman - died 14th July 1917.

Reginald George Godden - died 13th November 1917.

Samuel William Granger - died 7th March 1917.

George Granger - died 4th October 1917.

John Richard Hambley - died 1st November 1918.

John William Herrett - died 1st June 1917.

Charles Walter Hornett - died 13th October 1918.

Arthur Percy Jones - died 1st October 1915.

Wallace McQuinn - died 6th August 1918.

Charles Leonard Mitchell - died 25th August 1918.

George Ernest Osborne - died 21st December 1917.

William James Pratt - died 3rd November 1918.

William Charles Sanderson - died 9th October 1916.

Frederick Robert Scott - died 23rd April 1918.

Frank Simkin - died 3rd December 1917.

Grenado Suttie - died 8th August 1918.

William Alfred Williamson - died 16th December 1916.


Within little more than 20 years of the Armistice which brought the 'Great War' to a close, another conflict began. Again, millions of young men were asked to risk their lives and, although this war saw fewer killed and maimed in battle, it nonetheless took its toll.

Edmund Robert Morton Calder - died 3rd August 1944.

James Henry William Calder - died 28th July 1944.

Thomas William Read - died 13th July 1943.

Bernard William Vaughan - died 15th October 1942.

Reginald Herbert Vaughan - died 12th May 1941.

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