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My grandfather, William Percy Brown

1893 - 1967

My grandfather, William Percy Brown

1893 - 1967

My grandfather with his sons, Charlie and my father Leonard; my dad with his sister Kath on a beach.

All 1920s

Grandfather's sister, Rose, my great aunt, who married Tom Lole.

Rose and Tom Lole; Rose Lole (left) with my grandparents.

Grandfather's sister, Kit, my great aunt, as a young woman. She was actually named Hanora Mary, Hanora being the name of both of her grandmothers.

The wedding of grandfather's sister Kit, my great aunt, in July 1936. From left (front): Grandfather's sisters, Rose, Kit and Lil, my 3 great aunts. Behind : Tom Read (Lil's husband), Reg Back (Kit's husband), Harold Back (Reg's brother), Tom Lole. Sadly, Reg Back died in February 1938 and Tom Read was killed when his ship was attacked by German aircraft in July 1943.

Family get together in about 1955. First picture : my grandparents at front centre, cousins Mark and Carol at front left with uncle Ron and aunt Kath behind. Aunt Rosie between my grandparents, uncle Charlie and aunt Doreen at rear. My parents with me in arms at the right. Second picture : all the same but shuffled a bit, me standing with my grandfather.

Family gathering for my grandmother's 90th birthday in 1985. From left : cousins Claire and Kirsty with mother Carol behind. Aunt Rosie and husband Heinz with aunt Kath obscured behind. My mum, grandmother and brother with cousin Mark behind. My dad, cousin Frances, myself and cousin Lars.